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Small Business Loan Depot

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Small Business Loans Depot specializes in generating cash for businesses using many types of equipment assets common to most businesses as collateral. Up to 80% of the current value of equipment can READ MORE

In House Financing for Chiropractic Practices

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You can now offer your chiropractic patients your Own 90-Day In House Financing without the worry of payment defaults. With our ARC program (accounts receivable conversion) your patients' payments a READ MORE

Spinal Decompression Coding: Are Insurers Being Fair?

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Spinal Decompression Coding: Are Insurers Being Fair? November 19, 2007 By James Edwards, DC Dynamic Chiropractic As consultants for doctors who provide traction/decompression services and as READ MORE

How Do You Code for Spinal Decompression?

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How Do You Code for Spinal Decompression? Samuel A. Collins November 19, 2007 Dynamic Chiropractic Q I have a new spinal decompression unit and have been told I can bill for heat, therapeutic READ MORE

Appealing Adverse Hospital Determinations

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Appealing Adverse Hospital Determinations November 19, 2007 John L. Cerf, DC Dynamic Chiropractic After seven years, entering the hospital emergency department (ED) feels as comfortable as ent READ MORE

MostChoice Chiropractic Insurance Quotes

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MostChoice Chiropractic Insurance Quotes MostChoice.com 5600 Roswell Road, 265 East Atlanta, GA 30342 877-601-6678 (toll-free) (in Georgia: 404-531-9858) Free quotes and expert help. Expl READ MORE

CareCredit, Inc.

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CareCredit, Inc. P.O. Box 1710, Costa Mesa, CA 92628-1710 (866) 893-7864 CareCredit offers you convenient monthly payments so you can get the treatments and procedures you want and need. Ch READ MORE

Health News You Need: Important Information for Medicare Beneficiaries

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Health News You Need: Important Information for Medicare Beneficiaries American Chiropractic Association Decisions About the Prescription Drug Benefit May Affect Chiropractic Services TodayÌs READ MORE

Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente It's what you need to know most, gathered in one place. Check out how to get quotes and learn about Kaiser Permanente's health plans for individuals, families, and businesses. Yo READ MORE

Soteria Healthcare Network

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Soteria Healthcare Network Soteria Healthcare Network is becoming the southeast's leading network provider of specialty benefits for complementary alternative health care, including: chiropractic car READ MORE


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UnitedHealthcare Chiropractic Care WeÌre keeping up with the changing times. UnitedHealthcare offers a number of benefit plans that include chiropractic services. Search the Physician Director READ MORE

Blue Cross and Blue Shield for Federal Employees

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Chiropractic Care Services Standard Option PPO Benefit Standard Option Non-PPO Benefit * Spinal manipulations $15 copayment for each visit Up to 12 spinal manipulations per year per p READ MORE


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Cigna Chiropractic care is specifically excluded under some CIGNA HealthCare benefit plans. When covered, chiropractic care may be subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the Short-Term R READ MORE

CareFirst, Inc.

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CareFirst, Inc. CareFirst, Inc. is the not-for-profit, non-stock, parent company of CareFirst of Maryland, Inc. and Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, Inc., affiliates that do business as Ca READ MORE

American Specialty Health, Inc.

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American Specialty Health, Inc. The nationÌs leading provider of: Chiropractic Ô Acupuncture Ô Naturopathy Dietetics Ô Fitness Clubs Ô Personal Trainers Massage Therapy Ô Vitamins and Minerals To READ MORE


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Aetna Policy Note: Some plans have limitations or exclusions applicable to chiropractic care. Please check benefit plan descriptions for details. Aetna considers chiropractic services medicall READ MORE

CAN Insurance Services

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CAN Insurance Services Experts say interest in complementary health services is becoming increasingly important to employees because it offers a broader choice of wellness and treatment options. Ac READ MORE

Alternative Health Insurance Services

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Alternative Health Insurance Services " Alternative Health Insurance Services offers coverage to patients who seek such treatments as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and naturopathy as well as READ MORE


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SelectHealth SelectHealth offers chiropractic services to compliment your benefit coverage. These services are administered by American Specialty Health* and offer you a wide variety of participating READ MORE


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WELLAID HEALTHCARE Save up to 50% on Prescription drugs, Dental procedures, Physicians & Hospitals visits, Vision care, Chiropractic, Alternative medicine , Diabetes & hearing supplies, Cosmetic surg READ MORE


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Vytra New Chiropractic Network for Vytra Members *** NOTE: This benefit is not available with all Vytra plans. To familiarize yourself with your individual chiropractic benefit, log on to the pass READ MORE


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IAB Chiropractic BenefitsSave on Chiropractice Care Access over 3,000 private practice chiropractors nationwide Enjoy a free consultation Save 50% on diagnostic services and necessary x-rays pe READ MORE

DentalPlans.com, Inc.

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DentalPlans.com, Inc. DentalPlans.com members have access to one of the largest networks of chiropractors in the United States. DentalPlans.com members can utilize these private practice chiropractor READ MORE


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AmeriPlan? Chiropractic Plan with Dental Benefits, Included Great Savings on Chiropractic Care Includes AmeriPlan Chiropractic? Care Plan with Dental Membership. MORE THAN 7,500 PARTICIPATI READ MORE

Patient Source.net

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Patient Source.net Our company gets the best loans for customers that need unsecured personal loans for elective medical, dental, lasik, chiropractic and other procedures including hair restoration READ MORE

Personal Financial Solutions

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Personal Financial Solutions Personal Financial Solutions was founded in 1997 on the principle that "access to the very best healthcare is a fundamental right that no one should be deprived of, rega READ MORE


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CareCredit CareCredit is a GE Money Company, so you know you can count on us. For the past 20 years, weÌve helped over six million cardholders get the healthcare treatments they want and need. CareC READ MORE

Eclectic Health

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Eclectic Health OUR MISSION: Helping you achieve your wellness potential by providing innovative health care solutions beyond the scope of your traditional insurance plan. By emphasizing prevention a READ MORE

HELPcard? - Patient Financing

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HELPcard? - Patient Financing The HELPcard? means affordable healthcare. Low monthly payments offer you the flexibility to purchase the quality healthcare you deserve. Virtually everyone who has the READ MORE
Chiropractic insurance may not be a standard type of insurance, but you should be able to receive chiropractic services through a regular health insurance plan. Chiropractic treatment has been used for painful joints, hips, the spine, arthritis treatment, stress, osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and arthritis fibromyalgia.
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