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Dr. Raymond J Roy

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Dr. Raymond J Roy, Kelowna Chiropractor, has been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Okanagan community since 1993. As a Kelowna Chiropractor, I get to help people who suffer from a variety o READ MORE

Harbourview Chiropractic & Massage

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Dr. Glen Woodman of Harbourview Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver Canada, has over 22 years of clinical experience treating a wide variety of lower back, herniated disc, sciatica, and neck pain synd READ MORE

Health Quest Vitality & Wellness Centre

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Health Quest Chiropractic has been providing chiropractic care for the Kamloops and surrounding British Columbia areas since 2000. Dr. Paul Ouimet and the talented office team provide safe and natural READ MORE

Dr. Michael Lax, DC

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Since beginning practice in 1989 my mission has been to provide exceptional chiropractic care to the Victoria community. We're a family oriented practice and offer both relief and wellness care. READ MORE

In-Touch Chiropractic

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In-Touch Chiropractic is a family based practice located in the City Square Shopping Centre at the corner of 12th and Cambie in Vancouver, BC. This website provides information on chiropractic care, D READ MORE

Dr. Michael Lax

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Dr. Michael lax, the esteemed Victoria Chiropractor, is known for being careful and thorough! Dr. Michael says, "through my 22 years in practice, I have come to profoundly appreciate that each and eve READ MORE

Denman Place Chiropractic Acupuncture and Massage

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Dr. Roger Bendle feels, your nervous system is the master controller and integrator of all the major systems of your body. An irritation along the spine can be responsible for a lot more than just bac READ MORE

Vermilion Chiropractic Center

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Vermilion Chiropractic Center located in Princeton offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders and personal injury cases. Chiropractors help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults a READ MORE

Okanagan Chiropractic Center

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Okanagan Chiropractic Center offers natural relief of chronic pain, headaches, disc disorders and personal injury cases. Chiropractors help newborns, infants, teenagers, adults and seniors. And health READ MORE

Kitsilano Chiropractic

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Located in the heart of Kitsilano, our office is helps families in Vancouver, BC reach their optimal health through outstanding chiropractic care! Contact us today to set up a consultation. Kits READ MORE

Family Chiropractic

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Family Chiropractic has been providing chiropractic care for the Surrey and surrounding areas. Dr. Elke Starr and the talented office team provide safe and natural relief of a variety of spinal condit READ MORE

Powell River Chiropractic

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Powell River Chiropractic is the practice of Dr. Ted Johnson. We are a new chiropractic practice opening within the office of Dr. Jack Richardson on July 13th, 2010. At Powell River Chiropractic we ar READ MORE

Kelowna Family Chiropractic

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Dr. Jeff Pereverzoff, Kelowna chiropractor, is accepting new patients! READ MORE

In Touch Chiropractic

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In-Touch Chiropractic operates under the living principle that the body is born with an innate healing ability. When free from nerve interference, the human body heals from within. Minor misalignments READ MORE

Dr. Ernie von Schilling

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Chiropractor READ MORE

Victoria Family Chiropractor Dr Richard Kjaer

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Chiropractic treatment for back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, arthritis, sports injuries and more by family chiropractor Dr Richard Kjaer in Victoria B.C. #206-3994 Shelbourne St Victoria, B READ MORE


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Modern Chiropractic Wellness Clinic in Maple Ridge that offers on-site x-ray facility, Registered Massage therapy, custome foot orthotics, low intensity laser light therapy. READ MORE

True Health Chiropractic

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Chiropractors are spinal health specialists. The spine houses and protects the nervous system. We know that by keeping the spine healthy we are indirectly keeping the nervous system healthy. Your nerv READ MORE

Scott Road Chiropractic

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At Scott Road Chiropractic our goal is to help you live a pain free, active lifestyle. We treat everyone of all ages from newborns with colic to seniors with arthritis. We see people with sports inj READ MORE

North Surrey Chiropractic Clinic

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Chiropractic care for the entire family. READ MORE

Victoria Family Chiropractic & Spinal Decompression

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Our mission is to improve the quality of your life and help you reach your fullest potential. We offer manual adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, ART and health and wellness education. READ MORE

Metrotown Family Chiropractic

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Metrotown Family Chiropractic Business Name: Metrotown Family Chiropractic Business Address: 6411 Nelson ave, Suite 202 Burnaby BC V5H 4H3 Canada Business Phone: (604) 430-1525 Business Fax: 604- READ MORE
Find a Chiropractor-BC is a collection of websites that provide patients with information about Chiropractic offices in British Columbia. Find someone who can diagnose various conditions and treat such things as herniated disc, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, incorrect posture, pediatric neurology, painful joints, stress management, sprains, cat arthritis and canine rheumatoid arthritis. Resources also include information about chiropractic, physical therapy, and acupuncture.
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