Atlanta Acupuncture Center

Atlanta Acupuncture Center
Sandy Springs Professional Building
275 Carpenter Drive,
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA. 30328

Phone: 404-250-9903

Help You Is My Goal!

Our Mission: We bring traditional Chinese medicine natural healthcare and ancient culture to Atlanta, Georgia. Acupuncturist , Li Hua will give Atlanta, Georgia more information about acupuncture and Chinese culture. Acupuncturist Li will help the people in Atlanta, Georgia with her warm heart. Please contact with acupuncturist Li at

Brief Introduction of Li Hua, L. Ac.

AAC: Atlanta Acupuncture Center is served by Li Hua, L. Ac.. Its service includes acupuncture, TuiNa (Chinese medical massage), Chinese herbs, healthy diet and Tai Chi Qi Gong class.

Talk About Health: Using tradition Chinese medicine theory to answer healthy questions. Some Li Hua?ÿs articles are collected. One of her new articles will be put on this website regularly every month.
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