Chapters from textbooks dealing with sports injuries
Note: These two chapters are provided as Adobe Acrobat PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Reader can be freely downloaded for all operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and all flavours of Unix and Linux, here.

Chapter 15: Knee Conditions. From the classic text Sports Injury Management, Second Edition, by Anderson, Hall, and Martin, published by Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, Maryland, 2000. Comments: This chapter provides a solid grounding in the basics of knee-injury biomechanics. (File size: approximately 12 MB.)

Chapter 19: The Knee and Related Structures. From the classic text Principles of Athletic Training, Ninth Edition, by Arnheim and Prentice, published by WCB McGraw-Hill/Mosby-Year, 1997. Comments: This book chapter provides a good grounding in the fundamentals of knee-injury biomechanics. (File size: approximately 9 MB.)

Chapters from Knee Ligament Rehabilitation, edited by Todd S. Ellenbecker. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Churchill Livingstone (Harcourt), 2000. (Please note that chapters from this book and from other professional books are in the process of being added. Expected completion date of the first phase of this section is mid-2007.) These chapters are provided in standard HTML format.

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