Chiro Practical
Dr. Don - Growing up in Calgary led me to pursue my 1st degree at the University of Calgary. I knew I was interested in the healthcare field & given that I was raised by parents that have been wellness orientated through there lives chiropractic seemed like a natural pursuit. Learning what a body needs to function optimally has not only aided me in practice today but has made my personal life far better then it ever could have been in alternate health fields. Chiropractic has bettered me as a person in mind & body. I myself am truly thankful to be under regular chiropractic care!
At Chiropractical our mission is to educate & serve as many families as possible through modern and effective chiropractic, so they can achieve and maintain an optimal lifestyle. Our purpose is to create longevity and quality of lives. We believe that we all have an inborn intelligence, & when adjusted, this intelligence is uninhibited by the detrimental and devastating effects of the subluxation. Beginning a journey toward the supreme expression of life. We know health is a lifestyle that should be constantly sought. As maintenance of health is far more intelligent then the treatment of disease with drugs or surgery's.
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