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Coastal Chiropractic Clinic
Drs. Jeffry & Michelle Smith
Dr. Lonnie Katro
4109 Altama Avenue
Brunswick, Georgia 31520

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Welcome to the Coastal Chiropractic Clinic's Web site. We provide complete chiropractic care for Glynn County, Georgia.

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We also offer the following services.


Spinal adjustments restore balance helping to reduce nerve interference, joint stiffness, pain and pressure on discs and other joints. Adjustments also realign your neck, mid-back and low back thus improving your strength, flexibility and comfort. Motion is vital to nerve impulses, circulation and muscle strength and 'locked joints' prevent this.


The doctor may apply ice to your neck after an injury to help reduce swelling. Cooling an inflammed area is the goal and ice should be used for at least 3 days following trauma and sometimes longer. Moist heat relaxes muscles when swelling is not present. It also aids in proper nutrient transmission through better circulation. Whenever in doubt, USE ICE.


A stiff collar immobilizes your neck. It is used to support your neck when you can't hold up your head because of soft-tissue damage. It relieves pain and also protects against further injury.

As above, these can help give stability to a weak back. These do not totally protect the back but they can help. They should only be worn temporarily.


This is a machine that uses small electrical impulses into the muscles to help them, the nerves and the surrounding tissue. In most cases it relieves pain, relaxes spasmed muscles and improves circulation. More nutrients are thus drawn to the area and healing can occur faster.

This therapy sends sound waves just below the surface of the skin into damaged tissues and reduces pain and swelling in joints and muscles. Ultrasound helps prevent scarring of tissues and improves circulation. It has been found to assist in breaking up adhesions and helping in the resorption of calcified areas.

The benefits of Holistic Therapeutic Massage consist of muscle pain relief, better flexibility, finer nervous control of muscles and proprioceptive feedback, improved circulation of blood and lymphatics, stimulation of the digestive tract, the liver and the kidneys for better waste product elimination and more.

We provide the highest quality products to aid in recovery and improving health. The supplies include pillows, supports, orthotics, ice packs, etc. Vitamins, herbs and supplements aid in the nutritional balance everyone needs and our quality products at great prices make our office the best place to get what you need.


The fact is that we use all of the best approaches to get you well fast and completely and without drugs or surgery. Remember that health and injuries take time and completed treatment to heal properly. DON'T LOOK FOR A QUICK FIX. Our reputation for quality care means not doing "quick fixes" because they don't last. We pride ourselves in expert, safe, natural and complete healing care that lasts. Follow your doctor's recommendations.
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