Cold Laser Therapy - Low Level Lasers
Components are sold by Laser-Therapy.US, 56 Woodland Drive, Woodland Park, NJ 07424
Manufactured by and for: Healing Lasers Design Company, Cape Girardeau, MO a US FDA Registered Facility
Cold lasers Therapy otherwise know as Low Level Laser Therapy or LLLT are used all over the world by Chiropractors and Medical Doctors. They are used because they allow doctors to offer affordable therapy to patients. Many doctors find simple (click blue text for free) cold laser treatment protocols or printable PDF cold laser treatment protocols are effective, increase patient satisfaction, generate additional referrals and ultimately increase income. We offer 635nm and 808nm pulsed true cold lasers with a programmable portable controller. Click for a slide show and DVD you can mail to patients. We sell Cold lasers at affordable prices to chiropractors, veterinarians and medical professionals. Most of our customers can not help but realize the value of our affordable prices and our exclusive 120 Day Satisfaction or Your Money Back Trial.
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