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The web site provides information about the Posture Recurve System develop by Dr Anthony Gambale after 22 years of research.
The Posture Recurve System includes The Recurver Chair and the take home traction unit named Recurver Mini.
The Recurver Chair and Recurver Mini is a traction device that can be used by the Chiropractors in their offices to help restore the Loss of neck and low back Curve.
Also the web site provides helpful information and a large video library.
Dr. Radermacher says: 2010-04-16 16:45:50
"The traction unit I purchased from Curvesolutions is the most mobile, easy to use, and most comfortable traction unit on the market. For the price and the small footprint it occupies, this traction unit delivers for the new practitioner as well as the advanced. Whether low patient volume or high patient volume, this traction unit offers an unparalleled advantage for advanced chiropractic care. Order one and try it yourself, there''s nothing like it anywhere".

Dr. Radermacher ( Founder & President - Total Practice Management International LLC )

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