Get Out of Pain With Chiropractic

Get Out of Pain With Chiropractic
By Steve Edelson
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o you suffer from pain? Perhaps you need a chiropractor. Dr. Steve Edelson says, "Chiropractic is the best way for an individual to get out of pain. Chiropractors get to the direct cause of the problem. Often times, the cause of pain is a subluxated joint. A subluxation is a joint that is out of its normal position, which irritates nerves and degenerates the joint (arthritis). This can lead to malfunction in the body as well as pain and inflamation."

The doctor of chiropractic uses the physical exam and x-rays to determine if and where the subluxations are. The mode of treatment utilized by the chiropractor is called, The Chiropractic Adjustment. It is gentle and specific. The adjustment should not be confused with a manipulation that some D.O. physicians employ. The manipulation is designed to increase circulation. The chiropractic adjustment is designed to eliminate a specific joint malposition, thereby correcting nerve irritation. It is a fine tune correction.

Dr. Edelson says, "Chiropractic works fast to relieve pain, but people should not expect to be 100% better after one visit." He goes on to explain that when most people go to see a chiropractor for help with their problem, they usually have a misaligned joint that is irritating nerves. The correction, or chiropractic adjustment is what is used to correct the position and function of the joint, thereby eliminating the irritation and restoring normal function. However, the thing to remember is that the joint has to be "Re-Trained" and often times needs a series of adjustments. The best analogy is in understanding the time it takes to correct crooked teeth with braces.

A misaligned joint has ligaments, and muscles that have to be re-trained with several adjustments to achieve a long lasting correction. There is no definite prescribed time that it takes to do this. Everyone is differetn and responds at different paces. One has to factor in such things as age, the individuals usual recovery time for injuries, arthritis, and severity of the injury or misalignment. The length of thime that the problem has been in existance is also a big factor when determining a guess as to how long it will take. Usually, a majority of people will respond quickly and begin to feel better with the first few adjustments, if not the first one alone. When the sysmptoms are gone, however, it does not mean that the problem is gone as well. It often should be left to the chiropractor to determine if the problem is at its maximal improvement.
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