Halifax Chiropractic Clinic
Chiropractors are first-contact practitioners who focus on neuro-muscular-skeletal conditions. Chiropractic care is characterized by direct access, integrated and conservative care of patients’ health needs, emphasizing neuromuscular conditions, and patient centered diagnosis and treatment. Chiropractic care includes examination (which may include diagnostic imaging, like x-rays), diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment of the spine and extremities (or peripheral joints) as well as associated soft tissues. Treatment is administered principally by hand and includes primarily specific chiropractic manipulation or adjustments, and other therapeutic approaches such as soft tissue therapy, muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Nutritional advice, lifestyle modifications, rehabilitation exercise prescription and ergonomic recommendations for the workplace may also be included as part of a patient’s treatment.

Chiropractors treat conditions such as:
• Headaches
• Neck and back pain
• Sports injuries
• Sprains and strains
• Repetitive stress disorders
• Auto accident injuries (whiplash)
• Work related injuries (WCB)
• Disc injuries
• Rotator cuff injuries
• TMJ syndrome

Halifax Chiropractic Clinic
6112 Willow Street
Halifax, NS B3K 1M2
Ph: 1 902 423-9223
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