How to Relieve Arthritis Through Chiropractic Care
How to Relieve Arthritis Through Chiropractic Care
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Over 100 different types of arthritis afflict patients of all ages. Some people believe these can be treated effectively through chiropractic care. Chiropractors believe that the key to restoring good health is based on proper alignment of the spinal column. Your practitioner will manipulate your back to help minimize pain from backaches, headaches and arthritis.
Difficulty: Moderate
Relieve Arthritis Through Chiropractic Care
Things You'll Need
Diagnosis of arthritis
Computer with Internet access
1Step OneVisit your medical doctor to confirm a diagnosis of arthritis. Listen to their recommendations for treatment. Discuss chiropractic treatment as a primary option or as a complement to surgery (depending on the severity of your condition).
2Step TwoVisit your chiropractor. Ask for an evaluation of your arthritis and recommendations for treatment. Ask your chiropractor if he or she would like to speak with your doctor. It's up to you to foster clear communication between your care specialists.
3Step ThreeVisit a resource such as to learn more about arthritis (see Resources below). Online resources are great places to find quick tips and suggestions on how to relieve pain.
4Step FourVisit to purchase 'Chiropractic First' (see Resources below). Use this guide to brush up on the benefits of chiropractic care, so you can share these benefits with your doctor as you discuss futher treatment methods...

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