Is Chiropractic Medicine A Viable Help For Arthritis Pain?
Is Chiropractic Medicine A Viable Help For Arthritis Pain?
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You have taken every over-the-counter drug imaginable for your arthritis. You are at your wits end with constant pain and seemingly no relief. Your best friend suggests chiropractic therapy, but you hesitate wondering if that is your best avenue.
You know that chiropractors maneuver joints to provide relief from things like headaches, but can this kind of manipulation provide viable help for arthritis pain? Can there actually be relief from this agony by having someone applying pressure to the very source of the pain? The thought may seem incredulous, but it is true.

Arthritis Help And Chiropractic Medicine

The reality is that, yes, chiropractic medicine can help with arthritis pain. Potentially, the most influential help for arthritis provided by chiropractors is prevention. With regular visits to your chiropractor, the joints remain in place, which may lower the risks of non-genetic forms of arthritis.

However, if you have arthritis, even the forms most often passed down from your family, chiropractic medicine can provide relief by offering two types of treatment options. These include straight chiropractic medicine and mixed chiropractic medicine.

Straight Chiropractic Medicine

Straight chiropractic medicine provides arthritis help by manipulating the joints to reduce pain. Chiropractors correct imbalances through realignment of the joints, which allows the body to heal itself. One of the most important ways a chiropractor performs this is by correcting subluxations, partial joint dislocations, in the spine or other joints.

As we go through day-to-day activities, our bodies move at the joints in the spine, neck, hips, knees, and even smaller areas like fingers and toes. Anyone who has arthritis knows that this simple action can cause excruciating pain, particularly when the joint is swollen. A chiropractorÌs gentle manipulation of these painful joints will help with arthritis pain.

Mixed Chiropractic Medicine

In addition to the correction of subluxations, a Chiropractor who provides a mixed treatment style will offer patients arthritis help in the form of other natural means. These therapies may include lifting, sitting and walking education, as well as stretching exercise. In addition, the mixed chiropractor will often suggest a more suitable diet for the sufferer as well as stretching and other exercises to alleviate pain.

Today, it is more possible than ever before to leave some of those drugs in the medicine cabinet and still enjoy a more pain free lifestyle. Chiropractors worldwide are becoming more and more trained in helping their patients cope with the agony of arthritis. The first thing any sufferer needs to decide is if he or she wants arthritis help at only the joint level or mixed with a more holistic approach.

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