LPI Healthcare Financial Services, Inc.
LPI Healthcare Financial Services, Inc. (LPIH) has provided financial solutions for Chiropractic Practices since our inception. With our years of experience in the equipment financing world and providing medical working capital loans, we are able to recognize our client’s needs as well as be able to adapt to the ever-changing lending market that we see in our current turbulent economy. This ability ultimately provides Chiropractors the very best options available when they are seeking any type of financing for their practices. LPIH’s various programs and services not only help practices to survive, but to flourish as well. LPIH has become a leader in providing financing and leasing programs to the medical community with programs such as:

- Medical Working Capital Loans
- Medical Equipment Financing
- Practice Start Up Financing
- Medical Capital Coverage
- Credit Card Processing

What does this mean to the Chiropractic community? It means that finally someone is in their corner that is looking out for their personal and professional best interest. Since the beginning, LPIH has always made customer service our priority. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of customer service, business ethics and morals possible. To my knowledge, there is not another bank or financial lending institution in the country that can provide Chiropractors the various programs and services that we currently offer. As a result, LPIH is truly The One Stop Shop For All Chiropractic Practices Financial Needs!
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