National Infertility Assn. features breakthrough chiropractic research

National Infertility Assn. features breakthrough chiropractic research
July 2007
The Chiropractic Journal

The National Infertility Association ‑‑ known as RESOLVE ‑‑ featured an article describing how chiropractic care can benefit infertile women in their magazine, Family Building.

The article appeared in the Autumn 2006 issue as part of a special section on Complementary Treatments and Holistic Care. Additional approaches included Chinese medicine, homeopathic medicine, and hypnosis.

Madeline Behrendt, DC, who specializes in women's wellness, contributed the chiropractic article and indicated "It was a pleasure to work with the RESOLVE organization and be a part of this special issue."

Behrendt directed a study series on chiropractic and fertility, published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation ( in 2004. Since then, both commercial and infertility media have featured the study results, including television coverage on CBS and ABC, and internet coverage on,, and (American Society for Reproductive Medicine).

"It's not surprising that three years after the study, interest is still growing about how chiropractic can support women through both infertility and pregnancy, including multi‑fetus pregnancy," Behrendt stated. "I'm ready to take the next step in getting this information out. Preproduction on a book and documentary is underway."

Countless women have sought out chiropractic care since the study series was published. To further her research work, Behrendt is asking chiropractors to send details of how they helped women with fertility struggles to her at

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