Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatments
Natural Carpal Tunnel Treatments

Suffering with the burning pain, numbness and loss of strength caused by carpal tunnel syndrome is a nightmare that never seems to end – but it’s a nightmare you can wake up from when you find a safe, effective carpal tunnel treatment. Learn how others are waking up from their carpal tunnel nightmares with an all-natural approach that’s completely drug-free and totally non-invasive.
Carpal Tunnel Treatments
Unfortunately, most traditional approaches to treating carpal tunnel syndrome are neither safe nor effective. If you visit a medical doctor seeking treatment for carpal tunnel, he is likely to suggest one or more of the following:
•Over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription anti-inflammatory medications
•Corticosteroid pills or injections
•Wrist braces or splints
•Carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery
All of these carpal tunnel treatments have side effects, their long-term success rates are unpredictable at best, and they do nothing to address the underlying cause of your carpal tunnel symptoms.
Carpal Tunnel Symptoms
Without getting too technical, carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, which runs along your arm and into your hand, thumb and first three fingers, becomes irritated. The malfunctioning nerve creates the painful burning sensation, numbness and weakness you experience as carpal tunnel symptoms.
Since something must be happening to irritate the nerve, it makes sense to find out what that something is and treat it, right? But that’s not what happens with traditional carpal tunnel syndrome treatments, which only treat the symptoms – they attempt to alleviate the pain, but without addressing the problem that causes the pain. So your symptoms come back. The good news is, there is a treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome that gets to the root of the problem and treats both the symptoms and their underlying causes.
A Natural Approach to Complete Carpal Tunnel Relief

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Safe, natural carpal tunnel treatment gets you back to the things you love.
A band of ligaments surrounds the many small bones of your wrist, supporting it and allowing it to move. The median nerve runs through the space between the wrist and the band of ligaments – the carpal tunnel. The “something” that irritates the median nerve is often a mal-positioned wrist bone that creates swelling and inflammation within the band, exerting pressure on the median nerve – and causing your carpal tunnel symptoms.
Very frequently, the problem isn’t just in the wrist: misaligned bones in the neck, back or other arm joints also contribute to the nerve interference that results in carpal tunnel symptoms. So to get complete, lasting relief from your symptoms, a carpal tunnel treatment plan must address all of these underlying causes – and that’s just what chiropractic does!
If you thought chiropractors just “cracked backs,” you’re laboring under a false impression encouraged by the mainstream medical community. In fact, chiropractic is the world’s most sought-after form of alternative health care, provided by highly educated professionals. As with MDs, chiropractors enjoy recognition by the federal government and are subject to licensing requirements in all fifty states. And chiropractic is approved by most insurance companies.
Carpal Tunnel Treatment That Works!
All of our sponsors are caring, compassionate chiropractors interested in just one thing: you. Unlike medical doctors who treat symptoms, chiropractors treat people. Experience the difference for yourself by clicking on a practice near your home or office today!
When you go to your first appointment, the first thing you’ll probably notice is that the doctor doesn’t just ask questions – he or she actually pays attention to your answers! If it’s determined that you and chiropractic are a good match, the doctor will perform a comprehensive exam and then share the findings with you. Then your chiropractor will outline a carpal tunnel syndrome treatment plan designed specifically to address your personal structural and nerve problems. Rather than just treating your carpal tunnel symptoms, your chiropractor will administer safe, precise adjustments specifically to any areas of misalignment – which are the real cause of your symptoms.
Obviously, our sponsors are unable to predict any specific outcome, but the reason chiropractic is so popular is because we get safe, natural, lasting results. Choose an effective, drug-free carpal tunnel syndrome treatment – take action by calling a chiropractor today! Click here for a Choose Natural sponsor in your area.
Treatment Options
Before you decide on a carpal tunnel treatment plan, consider what each offers:
Treatment Option Pros and Cons
Pros: Temporarily reduces inflammation, lessening pain for a time. Cons: Side effects ranging from headache to myocardial infarction (heart attack), cardiovascular thrombotic events or stroke. Many possible drug interactions. Does nothing to correct underlying causes.
Steroid Injections
Pros: Temporarily reduces inflammation, lessening pain for a time. Cons: Possible side effects including “Cortisone Flare” (crystallization of cortisone at the injection site, resulting in increased pain), whitening of skin in injection area, serious injection-site infection, weakening of tendons and ligaments in the surrounding area. Does nothing to correct underlying causes.
Braces/Splints Pros: Drug-free, non-invasive. Cons: Immobilizing the wrist can lead to stiffness and muscle atrophy, further weakening the joint. Interferes with normal motion, creating additional stress on other arm muscles and joints. Does nothing to correct underlying causes.
Exercise Pros: Drug-free, non-invasive. Cons: Stretching the muscles and ligaments of the wrist can cause increased inflammation and pain, as well as aggravate the bony misalignment in the wrist and put additional stress on other arm muscles and joints. Does nothing to correct underlying causes.
Surgery Pros: Release of pressure on the median nerve, possibly decreasing pain. Cons: Risks inherent in any invasive surgery, expense, scarring, painful recovery, weeks to months off work, possible worsening of symptoms due to irregular scar tissue formation in the severed ligament, likely return of symptoms over time. Does nothing to correct underlying causes.
Chiropractic Pros: Natural, drug-free, non-invasive, no downtime, no scarring, no side effects, corrects underlying structural misalignment(s) to relieve inflammation, eliminate pressure on the median nerve and provide lasting, effective healing of carpal tunnel symptoms and their causes. Cons: None.

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