November 18, 2008
Dr. Scott W. Taylor
The Tribune

any Canadians are suffering from stress related headaches and pain as they find themselves struggling with tougher economic times .

People may wish to consider the benefits of chiropractic for the treatment and prevention of stress-related muscle pain and headaches.

With the recent economy, financial problems and pressures will certainly increase stress, which in turn can lead to common headaches and muscle pain. It's important not to ignore the symptoms associated with anxiety and stress. Taking care of yourself during personal difficulty or financial difficulty can not only help to alleviate related pains and aches , but it also can help you feel more positive about your present situation.

If stress-related pain is not resolving by itself visit a chiropractor. Working with your other healthcare providers, your chiropractor can offer a whole-person approach to your wellness and health. Chiropractors provide noninvasis, drug-free treatment options for many types of pain, stiffness and swelling helped by the appropriate combination of chiropractic treatments, rehabilitative exercises and lifestyle changes which are offered by chiropractors in a patient's personalized treatment plan.

A large amount of evidence has shown that the use of chiropractic care for certain conditions can be more effective than traditional medical care, with many patients feeling improvement shortly after their first office visit.

Material for this column was provided by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.
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