Precision Spinal Care
We are a wellness-centered office that seeks to help people of all ages live a life improved and reach their optimum health potential!
We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions; although, we find that most people don’t appreciate their health until it’s gone! While we meet "some" people after they’ve lost their health, we also help many families reach their optimum potential through wellness chiropractic care. Either way, our commitment to our practice members’ care is two-fold:

After receiving his Doctorate in Chiropractic in 2003 from Palmer College in Davenport, Iowa, where he specialized in the NUCCA Technique, Dr. Ryan went to Kent, Washington to further his training with one of the top doctors in the NUCCA field. After a couple of years there, he decided to move his family back to Calgary – his hometown – and start up Precision Spinal Care. The greatest joy he found in his practice in Kent was the way people's lives were improving. "That is the ultimate goal I have for all of my patients, to have them see improvement in their lives. I want to help them with that, no matter how small the part I play. The joy that is felt to see people do things they thought they had to give up before is what it's all about."
"One of the things I remember best about the first trimester of my chiropractic schooling was an instructor named Gale Luellen. He taught the first year neurology course. Did he ever know his brains! It was in this class that I really began to discover my passion for the nervous system. I was intrigued at how it controlled every aspect of life within the body, how it reached out to the smallest cell, and how it helped to heal and regulate the entire body. I remember picking up a brain and thinking to myself, ‘This magnificent organ controlled someone's body, housed someone's most intimate thoughts and feelings, allowed this person to experience so many sensations, and embraced years worth of memories.' It was a humbling experience, and one I never forgot."
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