Spine Care Chiropractic Center

Spine Care Chiropractic Center
130 John-Frank Ward Blvd.
McDonough, Georgia 30253-3291

Galen B. Hoover, D.C.
Jason R. Hoover, D.C.

Our Pledge is to make quality Chiropractic care convenient and affordable
to everyone ---

Our Patients
We see all age groups from infants to the elderly at our center. They come to our office for four main reasons.
One type of patient comes because they may have a specific problem, condition, ache, or pain and has heard that Chiropractic can help. A second type understands that if they participates in regular chiropractic care, they will be healthier, and comes for what is called preventive maintenance care. Another type understands that if they can be healthier physically, they will be healthier mentally and can relate to themselves and to other people in a better way.
Finally, there's the type who understands that if they can improve through regular Chiropractic care and others will do the same, collectively they will set the stage for a better world tomorrow.
Our Philosophy
At Spine Care our main goal is to see as many patients as possible for lifetime chiropractic care so they can improve themselves. These patients, along with others who do the same, set the stage for a better world tomorrow. Our most important responsibilities in fulfilling this goal are threefold. The first is to provide the highest quality Chiropractic care possible. The second is to make this care convenient and have a fee system structured to fit the needs of each patient. Our third responsibility is to educate our patients to a better way of life and health. To us, the word "responsibility" means our response to our ability.
Our Policy Concerning Practice
To provide our patients with the finest care possible.
From our Professional Staff, to the latest in X-ray & Chiropractic Equipment
The Spine Care Chiropractic Center
is here to serve your Chiropractic needs...
We exist to serve you
So you can enjoy better health through Chiropractic

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