The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association

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he National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research Association (NUCCRA) was incorporated October 6, 1971, as a non-profit organization, in conformity with Michigan Statute, Act 327, P.A. of 1931, as amended.

Listed as a scientific organization and established for research purposes only, NUCCRA was granted a tax-exempt status (501 -(c)-7). Research is confined to the vertebral subluxation and its harmful effects on the body wherever the subluxation can be demonstrated to exist.


Whether the practice of chiropractic is of any value to the patient cannot be known with certainty until a scientific base has been established. At present extreme differences of opinion in and out of the profession about chiropractic prevail. It is clearly apparent that it would be beneficial to the public for the profession to systematically study the subluxation as it relates to the health of the patient. Chiropractic can be observed and measured. Therefore, chiropractic can be verified. Such inquiry would do much to bring about better interprofessional relations, and give prestige to the chiropractic profession. The crucial problem at the moment is that almost no Federal monies are now allocated for chiropractic research. This is due in part to the lack of unity in the chiropractic profession and lack of support from some of the other health related fields. Therefore those few chiropractic research groups such as NUCCRA must depend on private donations to continue their research. NUCCRA has an ongoing research program and has achieved some impressive accomplishments despite a limited budget.


NUCCRA accomplishments over the past several years has helped the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), a fraternal organization, become one of the most respected chiropractic organizations in the world today. NUCCA has given educational seminars throughout the United States. Participants at the annual NUCCA conventions held in Monroe, Michigan, have come from Japan, France, and Canada. NUCCA'S quarterly journal, The Upper Cervical Monograph, publishes an update on all NUCCRA research. NUCCRA chiropractic is probably the most soundly scientific based chiropractic being practiced today.

Among the many NUCCRA accomplishments:

1) x-ray alignment precision procedures, reducing exposure to the patient.
2) the design of analytical instruments for measuring vertebral misalignments of the subluxation from the x-ray film.
3) the design, development, and distribution of the Anatometer, an instrument used to measure spinal column and bodily distortions resulting from subluxations.
4) the development and refinement of the adjustment used in reducing the atlas subluxation.
5) the development of biomechanical concepts of the cervical spine which will assist the practitioner in enhancing his skill in reducing the subluxation.
6) the design and development of a multiple support headpiece which facilitates faster subluxation reductions.


As a scientific organization, NUCCRA was incorporated to achieve the following goals:

1) to engage in a comprehensive research program which will establish a scientific basis for the vertebral subluxation and its noxious effects on the body.
2) to test existing chiropractic techniques, beliefs, and assumptions as to their scientific validity.
3) to share research findings with chiropractic colleges, the chiropractic practitioner, and other health related organizations.
4) to design and develop adjustment systems which will reduce the subluxation efficiently, maximally, and safely.


It is the basic NUCCRA premise that an atlas or CI subluxation is the most damaging subluxation in the spinal column. It is the first vertebral opening through which the nervous impulses pass to and from the brain. It is located at the lower end of the brain stem, and the subluxation's misalignment factors are capable of upsetting the central nervous system's inhibitory control over the extensor muscles of the spinal column, causing spinal imbalance, bodily distortions, and stress. The short, or contractured, leg, for example, is caused by spastic contracture of the extensor muscles resulting from a C I subluxation, affecting one side of the body. NUCCRA research has determined that a lateral shift of C I either right or left of the occipital condyles of the breath of only a pencil dot can cause overinnervation of the spinal cord, biomechanical stresses in the body of the subluxated person, and related Symptoms. These symptoms NUCCRA terms the ASC

NUCCRA research has also determined that elimination of the ASC syndrome requires corrective adjustment of the Cl subluxation, according to a formula computed from the patient's x-rays. Restoration of the vertebra to the original and normal position must be accomplished. No step of the analysis of the problem is left to chance. Each stage of the process is locked in with the next by previous measurement. Post x-rays are then taken to determine the accuracy of the adjustment. Such precise and measured adjusting will restore the spinal column to its normal position. This finding suggests that the NUCCRA type of adjustment is a full-spine technique.


Many thousands of patients have been adjusted by NUCCA doctors. Frequently the patient received help when no other health care option was available. Many grateful patients have asked, "Who will carry on this work?", or "Why are there so few NUCCA chiropractors around the country?" or "Why do I have to travel so far to get this type of health service?" The answers to these questions are that NUCCRA needs financial help to improve and expand its training and research facilities. At present, the only source of help is those satisfied and successfully treated people who know from experience that the NUCCA method of atlas subluxation reduction is in fact a viable health care option. This brochure, therefore, is an appeal, an invitation to participate, to those patients, chiropractic doctors, and students, who desire to see NUCCRA research, grow, and become an integral health care choice for everyone.

Doctors and students of chiropractic will benefit directly from membership in NUCCA. Their dues and donations will provide them with educational data. Such educational and research literature will keep NUCCA members in contact with NUCCRA research findings. Membership in NUCCA, therefore, means research and educational backup from NUCCRA.

Contributions to NUCCRA research are deductible under the scientific status that has been granted NUCCRAby the Internal Revenue Service. All contributions will be recorded and a "Donor Card" returned to the donor. The names of all donors will be published in the Monograph.
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