The Spine Research Institute of San Diego
Spine Research Institute of San Diego, Inc.
826 Orange Avenue, Suite 633
Coronado, CA 92118
The Spine Research Institute of San Diego is committed to providing research and education in the area of spinal health and injury prevention. We are especially concerned about cervical spine injuries that result from whiplash trauma. In addition to our own research, we constantly monitor and synthesize the world literature. We provide educational seminars, printed material in the form of books, educational multimedia presentations, software, videotapes, audiotapes, poster systems, and much more.

Arthur C. Croft, PhD(c), DC, MS, MPH, FACO

This is the first and only multi-module program devoted to the subjects of whiplash and brain injury traumatology. Dr. Arthur C. Croft is one of the world’s leading scientists in this field and an award-winning speaker. He’s devoted the past 20 years to research and teaching after recognizing that nearly 3 million whiplash injuries occur every year in the U.S., and that almost half of these will experience long-term or permanent pain or disability. Motor vehicle crashes are also the largest cause of brain injury in the U.S. Combined, the two conditions burden society with over $200 billion in cost annually. The doleful clinical outcome is largely a reflection of the poorly understood nature of the condition and the common—but misguided—advice provided by most doctors and hospital staff. Since the 1980s, whiplash injuries have been on the rise worldwide, largely as a result of structural changes and increased fleet stiffness brought about by the New Car Assessment Program and stiffer seat back requirements. Manufacturers, meanwhile, have demonstrated a general lack of interest in prevention strategies when it comes to whiplash injury, with a few notable exceptions.
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