Williams Healthcare Systems
Williams Healthcare Systems
158 N. Edison Avenue
Elgin, IL 60123
PH: 847-741-3650 Fax: 847-741-3661
Williams Healthcare Systems is the leader in quality healthcare products for nearly 100 years. It’s our mission to delight all of our customers with world-class products and services. Now with more choices than ever before, our Zenith® adjusting tables are depended upon by more doctors of chiropractic and chiropractic colleges than any other brand…we hope you will too!

With our roots at the humble beginnings of Chiropractic itself, original Zenith® adjusting tables were designed by chiropractor and our founder Dr. William Williams in Muscatine Iowa in the early 1900’s. So appreciated were the Zenith adjusting table’s features in fact, that other leaders like great Doctor’s B. J. Palmer, Hugh Logan, Gonstead, Toftness, Thompson, Stucky, Pierce, Leander Eckard, James Cox and many others have blessed us with their approval over the years. With Zenith® adjusting tables, form follows function in our durable, long lasting products, with features suited to complement every recognized chiropractic adjusting technique and style recognized worldwide.
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