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The Integrator Blog

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The Integrator is made possible through the generosity of NCMIC,Alternative Medicine Integration Group, Inner Harmony Group, Institute for Health and Productivity Management, Integrative Practitione READ MORE

Joint Policy Statement on National Healthcare Reform: The Chiropractic Perspect...

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The leadership of the chiropractic profession is united in its belief that effective national heath care reform will only achieve maximum benefit for the American people when coupled with a broad tr READ MORE

National Guideline Clearinghouse

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You are going to connect to the National Guideline Clearinghouseâ„¢ (NGC), a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines. NGC is an initiative of the Agency for Healthcare Research READ MORE

Straighten Up America

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Straighten Up America Contact For more information: Ron Kirk 770-426-2709 rkirk@life.edu Janet Jordan 803-356-6809 cocsa@sc.rr.com Welcome to Straighten Up America This w READ MORE

The Chiropractic Report,

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The Chiropractic Report, with more subscribers worldwide since the 1980s than any other chiropractic publication, is an international review of professional and research issues published every 2 month READ MORE

Chiropractic Nutritional Wellness

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Chiropractic Nutritional Wellness Providing authoritative, cutting-edge nutrition, herb, and homeopathy information. READ MORE

Canadian Chiropractor

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Canadian Chiropractor Canadian Chiropractor PO Box 530, 105 Donly Drive South Simcoe, Ontario Canada N3Y 4N5 READ MORE

Canadian Chiropractic Association - FAQs

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Canadian Chiropractic Association - FAQs How do I find a chiropractor? What conditions do chiropractors treat? What happens during a treatment? What kind of education and training do chiropra READ MORE

Acupuncture Overview

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Acupuncture Overview Sussex Publishers Acupuncture Overview Acupuncture originated in China about 2,500 years ago. The practice is based on the philosophy of yin and yangÛtwo opposite forces t READ MORE


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NaturalHealers.com If you represent a school and would like to have a featured listing on NaturalHealers.com to make it easier for prospective students to contact you, please e-mail sales, or cal READ MORE

Chiropractic on Natural Matters

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Chiropractic on Natural Matters Use our online directory to find Chiropractors in your town or county using the search box on the right. The word Chiropractic comes from the Greek Chiropraktikos READ MORE

Sherman College Chiropractic Student Services Portal

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Sherman College Chiropractic Services Portal Welcome to the Sherman College Chiropractic Services Portal, a website created for the purpose of promoting the Chiropractic profession. This site serves READ MORE

Chiropractor Central

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Chiropractor Central You have reached the Chiropractor portal for Chiropractor resources you might need. This web site is your main web resource for all Chiropractor resources in the United States. READ MORE

Chiropractic Testimonials

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Chiropractic Testimonials This site is growing testament to success stories in chiropractic. The accounts contained on these pages come from patient experiences in chiropractic offices. Specific pa READ MORE


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chiropracticanswers.com Answers to your questions about chiropractic adjustment and its applications. chiropracticanswers.com 80 Fifth Avenue - Suite 1204 NY NY 10011 chiroanswers@aol.com Tel: READ MORE

National Directory of Chiropractic

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National Directory of Chiropractic The National Directory of Chiropractic Headquarters Home office and publisher of the printed directory. 7404 Union Park Avenue Midvale, Utah 84047 1-877-533 READ MORE

The Journal of Chiropractic Education (JCE)

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The Journal of Chiropractic Education (JCE) 16200 E. Amber Valley Drive, Whittier, CA 90604 BartGreen@scuhs.edu Mission The mission of The Journal of Chiropractic Education (JCE) is to p READ MORE

Chiropractic Legal

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Chiropractic Legal Welcome to All *note: This site was originally named "Chiropractic Forensics" here at Chiro.org. We changed the name as the site has expanded dramatically thanks to the READ MORE

Chiropractic Case Studies Reference Page

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Chiropractic Case Studies Reference Page by Mark H. Street, D.C. The purpose of this page is to serve Doctors of Chiropractic and the world with case studies and chiropractic case management infor READ MORE

Chirobase: Your Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Practices

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Chirobase: Your Skeptical Guide to Chiropractic History, Theories, and Practices Accurate information about chiropractic is not easy to get. Most publishers, editors, and broadcasters are unwilli READ MORE
Chiropractic Resources are a collection of websites that can provide Chiropractors and patients with information about various conditions and treatment methods for such things as herniated disc, neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, incorrect posture, pediatric neurology, painful joints, stress management, sprains, cat arthritis and canine rheumatoid arthritis. Resources also include information about chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic organizations, physical therapy schools, and chiropractic schools.
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