Electromedical Treatment of Headaches [CES]
Electromedical Treatment of Headaches [CES]
Kirsch DL.
Practical Pain Management

Headaches are a common intermittent disorder experienced by most people at least some of the time. Chronic headaches of various etiologies are experienced by 1
in 6 Americans (16.54% of the population), which includes migraine headaches in 1 in 9 (10.29% of the population). Most headaches are of the tension-type which have been associated with muscle tension, stress, anger, anxiety and fatigue, and are
characterized by mild to moderate, non-pulsating bilateral pain. The pain may begin in the front of the head or back of the neck, and may spread to involve the whole head. For occasional mild headaches, simply massaging the head and neck has proven effective.

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