Advance Spine and Posture
Advanced Spine and Posture Grand Rapids is dedicated to your spine health. Offering a state of the art facility for Medical, Physical Therapy and CBP Chiropractic care of the spine. CBP is a unique approach to Grand Rapids Chiropractic care that has been developed over years of research and is backed by many case studies. This type of Chiropractic care combines the Medical and Physical therapy care approach to offer assistance in maintaining the proper spinal curvature through a series of traction and exercises. This is the highest industry standard out there today for the care of the spine. We work with you on Scoliosis, Bulging disks, back pain, neck pain, Text neck, Orthodontics and with Auto Injuries and anything to do with the spine and skeletal system. Our state of the art x-ray equipment will measure your spine against what the normal spine should be. Everything in our facility is backed up by the mathematics of the spine itself. Let us be your Grand Rapids Chiropractor.
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